Benefits of consolidating hospitals

Underground pipelines from the heating (or cooling) plant to each of the connected buildings distribute thermal energy in the form of hot water, steam, or chilled water.

Energy is then extracted at the buildings and the water is brought back to the plant, through return pipes, to be heated or cooled again.

A DECREE INSTITUTING A LABOR CODE THEREBY REVISING AND CONSOLIDATING LABOR AND SOCIAL LAWS TO AFFORD PROTECTION TO LABOR, PROMOTE EMPLOYMENT AND HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT AND INSURE INDUSTRIAL PEACE BASED ON SOCIAL JUSTICE.. – The physician engaged by an employer shall, in addition to his duties under this Chapter, develop and implement a comprehensive occupational health program for the benefit of the employees of his employer. The Secretary of Labor and Employment, in consultation with industrial, medical, and occupational safety and health associations, shall establish the qualifications, criteria and conditions of employment of such health personnel. (g) “Employee” means any person compulsorily covered by the GSIS under Commonwealth Act Numbered One hundred eighty-six, as amended, including the members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and any person employed as casual, emergency, temporary, substitute or contractual, or any person compulsorily covered by the SSS under Republic Act Numbered Eleven hundred sixty-one, as amended. – Provisions of existing laws to the contrary notwithstanding, all revenues as are not needed to meet current operational expenses under this Title shall be accumulated in a fund to be known as the State Insurance Fund, which shall be used exclusively for payment of the benefits under this Title, and no amount thereof shall be used for any other purpose.

– Every employer shall keep in his establishment such first-aid medicines and equipment as the nature and conditions of work may require, in accordance with such regulations as the Department of Labor and Employment shall prescribe. – It shall be the duty of every employer to furnish his employees in any locality with free medical and dental attendance and facilities consisting of: (a) The services of a full-time registered nurse when the number of employees exceeds fifty (50) but not more than two hundred (200) except when the employer does not maintain hazardous workplaces, in which case, the services of a graduate first-aider shall be provided for the protection of workers, where no registered nurse is available. – The requirement for an emergency hospital or dental clinic shall not be applicable in case there is a hospital or dental clinic which is accessible from the employers establishment and he makes arrangement for the reservation therein of the necessary beds and dental facilities for the use of his employees. (h) “” means the legitimate, legitimated or legally adopted or acknowledged natural child who is unmarried, not gainfully employed, and not over twenty-one (21) years of age or over twenty-one (21) years of age provided he is incapacitated and incapable of self-support due to a physical or mental defect which is congenital or acquired during minority; the legitimate spouse living with the employee and the parents of said employee wholly dependent upon him for regular support. All amounts accruing to the State Insurance Fund, which is hereby established in the SSS and GSIS, respectively, shall be deposited with any authorized depository bank approved by the Commission, or invested with due and prudent regard for the liquidity needs of the System.

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– It shall be the responsibility of the Department of Labor and Employment to conduct continuing studies and research to develop innovative methods,techniques and approaches for dealing with occupational safety and health problems; to discover latent diseases by establishing causal connections between diseases and work in environmental conditions; and to develop medical criteria which will assure insofar as practicable that no employee will suffer impairment or diminution in health, functional capacity, or life expectancy as a result of his work and working conditions. The fee so collected shall be deposited in the national treasury to the credit of the occupational safety and health fund and shall be expended exclusively for the administration and enforcement of safety and other labor laws administered by the Department of Labor and Employment. – The State shall promote and develop a tax-exempt employees compensation program whereby employees and their dependents, in the event of work-connected disability or death, may promptly secure adequate income benefit and medical related benefits. (c) Contributions under this Title shall be paid in their entirety by the employer and any contract or device for the deductions of any portion thereof from the wages or salaries of the employees shall be null and void. In case of any deficiency, the same shall be covered by supplemental appropriations from the national government. – Immediately after an employee contracts sickness or sustains an injury, he shall be provided by the System during the subsequent period of his disability with such medical services and appliances as the nature of his sickness or injury and progress of his recovery may require, subject to the expense limitation prescribed by the Commission.

– The Department of Labor and Employment shall develop and implementtraining programs to increase the number and competence of personnel in the field of occupational safety and industrial health. (b) The Secretary of Labor and Employment may, through appropriate regulations, collect reasonable fees for the inspection of steam boilers, pressure vessels and pipings and electrical installations, the test and approval for safe use of materials, equipment and other safety devices and the approval of plans for such materials, equipment and devices. – The System shall have original and exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising from this Title with respect to coverage, entitlement to benefits, collection and payment of contributions and penalties thereon, or any other matter related thereto, subject to appeal to the Commission, which shall decide appealed cases within twenty (20) working days from the submission of the evidence. (b) The rate of contribution shall be reviewed periodically and subject to the limitations herein provided, may be revised as the experience in risk, cost of administration and actual or anticipated as well as unexpected losses, may require. – The Republic of the Philippines guarantees the benefits prescribed under this Title, and accepts general responsibility for the solvency of the State Insurance Fund.

For this purpose, the Commission is empowered to determine and approve occupational diseases and work-related illnesses that may be considered compensable based on peculiar hazards of employment. – (a) When the disability or death is caused by circumstances creating a legal liability against a third party, the disabled employee or the dependents, in case of his death, shall be paid by the System under this Title. – Except as otherwise provided under this Title, no contract, regulation or device whatsoever shall operate to deprive the employee or his dependents of any part of the income benefits and medical or related services granted under this Title. Today, as modern district energy rapidly gains acceptance, systems are being built in increasing numbers in cities and communities across North America.District heating systems can provide space heating and domestic hot water for large office buildings, schools, college campuses, hotels, hospitals, apartment complexes, and other municipal, institutional, and commercial buildings.Where the undertaking is non-hazardous in nature, the physician and dentist may be engaged on retainer basis, subject to such regulations as the Secretary of Labor and Employment may prescribe to insure immediate availability of medical and dental treatment and attendance in case of emergency. (k) “” means any illness definitely accepted as an occupational disease listed by the Commission, or any illness caused by employment subject to proof that the risk of contracting the same is increased by working conditions. – The physicians, dentists and nurses employed by employers pursuant to this Chapter shall have the necessary training in industrial medicine and occupational safety and health. – It shall be the duty of any employer to provide all the necessary assistance to ensure the adequate and immediate medical and dental attendance and treatment to an injured or sick employee in case of emergency. – The Secretary of Labor and Employment shall, by appropriate orders, set and enforce mandatory occupational safety and healthstandards to eliminate or reduce occupational safety and health hazards in all workplaces and institute new, and update existing, programs to ensuresafe and healthful working conditions in all places of employment. ” means any person, natural or juridical, employing the services of the employee. (d) When a covered employee dies, becomes disabled or is separated from employment, his employers obligation to pay the monthly contribution arising from that employment shall cease at the end of the month of contingency and during such months that he is not receiving wages or salary.

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  1. When terminal disease comes into play, it gives whole new meaning to “til death do us part.” Which made us wonder: would you date and/or marry someone if you knew they had a terminal illness?